Misunderstanding of the principles of jewelry

If you go back and read the principles of wearing old jewelry 20 years ago, you will find many suggestions that are not applicable to the present day. But there are still many people who misunderstand and still adhere to these principles unnecessarily. What are you going to see?

1. Do not mix and match metals or gems.
In the past, people often refused to wear jewelry that is not the same set or have different metals. For the present day This principle is not necessary. You can mix and match jewelry with many types of metal together and still look good whether it is gold, silver, rose gold or copper.

Alloy jewelry

2. Do not put the ring on the left ring finger.
Many adults are often banned from single women wearing rings on the left ring finger. Because it is a bad superstition and should be kept for engagement or wedding rings only But in the present day You can put a ring on any finger that makes you look the most beautiful.

3. Need to wear a diamond set
Even in the past, wearing jewelry or jewels often had to put everything together in a set. But now you can mix and match the jewelry yourself. Which will make your look more chic and outstanding

Everything depends on balance and attention.

Dressing and wearing jewelry to look good Will depend on how much you care about the ‘balance’ in each occasion If your look is heavy on the outstanding clothes May be able to shaft the jewelry down But if you want to emphasize the beauty of the face Then add weight to the selection of large pieces of jewelry Then reduce the dress to just plain clothes

In addition to balancing Things that will make people feel that you are beautiful and elegant in every occasion Is the attention to the small details, including watching That in each occasion you should dress up about And match the appropriate jewelry, both in terms of respect and small details Such as color or pattern, just like this, you can finish the look beautifully.

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